Alternative Investment in Real Estate:  A New Dawn for Gen Z Investors


This festive season is a great time for Gen Z investors to consider alternative investment strategies and alternative asset classes: here’s an alternative way to invest in real estate as a way to illuminate their financial portfolios. With Alt DRX, Gen-Z investors can now in vest in real estate with as little as Rs 7500, making it a viable and attractive investment op 

tion for all those who’ve wanted to invest in Real Estate but have been weary to do so due to innumerable reason. 

Traditionally, real estate investing has been a daunting proposition for many, particularly Gen Z investors. High upfront costs, complex legal procedures, and lack of liquidity have often made it inaccessible to those who lack the necessary resources and expertise. 

However, alternative real estate ownership has the potential to revolutionise the way peo ple invest in property. By allowing investors to purchase individual shares of a property, alternative investment platforms make it possible to invest in real estate with a fraction of the traditional upfront cost. This opens up a world of possibilities for Gen-Z investors, who are increasingly eager to tap into the lucrative real estate market. 

Alt DRX: A Pioneering Platform for Gen Z Investors 

Alt DRX is a pioneering platform that is making Alternative Investments in RE more acces sible and meaningful for Gen Z investors in India. The platform allows users to buy, hold, and sell residential real estate down to a single square foot using real-time algorithm-de termined prices. 

Alt DRX issues Tradable Digital Assets (TDAs) backed by residential properties. These TDAs can be traded on the Alt DRX platform, providing investors with a liquid and conve nient way to buy and sell real estate. 

Alternative real estate investments offers a number of benefits for Gen Z investors, includ ing: 

• Lower upfront costs: Alternative Investments allows investors to purchase real es tate with a fraction of the traditional upfront cost. This makes it possible for younger investors with limited savings to enter the real estate market. 

• Greater flexibility: Alternative Investments offers investors greater flexibility than tra ditional real estate ownership. Investors can choose to invest in properties located in different cities or countries, and they can easily sell their shares if they need to raise cash. 

• Potential for higher returns: Alternative investments can offer investors the potential for higher returns than traditional real estate ownership. This is because investors can benefit from the appreciation of the property value, as well as the rental income generated by the property. 

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