India Tech Talent League 2023 Shaping the Future of Talent


India Tech Talent League 2023 (ITTL) Shaping the Future of Talent and Work in the Age of AI and Automation

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], October 16: The India Tech Talent League 2023 (ITTL) kicked off its four-city event at T-Hub in Hyderabad on October 12, setting the stage for a deep exploration of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation are transforming the landscape of education and employment by syngering talent, technology to achieve transformation. The one-day conference, organized by Bengaluru-based MyAnatomy and founded by Chinmay Kumar Das in 2018, brought together more than 350 CEOs, CXOs, CHROs, university leaders, academia, industry experts, and thought leaders. The overarching theme of ITTL 2023 was “Talent – Technology – Transformation.”

The ITTL event provided a platform to discuss the future of talent management and employment in the age of AI and Automation, focusing on ways to bridge the gap between industry and academia and how to embrace the opportunities and challenges that these technologies present.

Key Discussions and Insights

The day-long event featured presentations, panel discussions, roundtables, and awards centred around the core theme of “TALENT-TECHNOLOGY-TRANSFORMATION.” The prevailing message was clear: AI and Automation are here to stay, and it’s crucial to harness their potential to enhance productivity, efficiency, and employability.

Dr J A Chowdary, Founder, Architect, and former Special Chief Secretary & IT Advisor to the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, addressed the audience as the keynote speaker. He emphasized the need for India to adapt to the rapid disruption caused by AI and Automation. He cited a report indicating that up to 90% of the work could be automated, leading to job losses. Thus, he called on the government, industry, and educational institutions to take proactive measures to ensure employment for millions of graduates.

In a panel discussion titled ‘Disruption to Innovation: How AI and Automation Are Reshaping Talent Management,’ speakers from various sectors, including healthcare, education, finance, and IT, discussed the impact of AI and Automation on their industries. Nikhil Agarwal, CEO of IIT Kanpur, stressed the importance of a cautious and studied approach to adopting AI, avoiding a herd mentality.

The second panel, ‘Future of Education & Employability in the AI & Automation Era,’ focused on the slow integration of AI and technology into education. Panellists highlighted the need for education to keep up with evolving job market trends, offering insights into predicting these trends and preparing students for a rapidly changing employment landscape.

Piyush Garg, VP CEED, Chitkara University, expressed his enthusiasm for ITTL and the collaboration between academia, industry, visionaries, and entrepreneurs, emphasizing the necessity of preparing for the inevitable impact of AI.

The third panel, led by Ganesh K Shenoy, Chief Mentor of MyAnatomy, discussed the creation of a community in Hyderabad to promote the use of AI and Automation. The panel addressed the need for a collaborative approach among stakeholders to bridge the gap between industry and academia.

The evening featured awards and recognition for leadership, honouring individuals who have made significant contributions to the field. Dr J A Chowdury has been conferred the title of “Cyber Vishwakarma,” while Mahankali Srinivas Rao(MSR), CEO of T-Hub, was honoured with the title of “Cyber Kautilya.”

MyAnatomy: Transforming Talent Ecosystem

The driving force behind ITTL, MyAnatomy, is an AI-driven startup that is reshaping the talent ecosystem with a focus on competency assessment. The platform connects with over 3,000 colleges and universities, engaging with five million users. MyAnatomy’s unique approach identifies the skills of potential candidates, irrespective of their educational background, and maps these skills to match the requirements of employers, fostering equal opportunities.

Dr. Syed Maqbool Ahmed, an ex-ISRO scientist, delivered an engaging presentation on the innovation and capabilities of ISRO’s and shared insights from the recent Chandrayan 3.0 mission showcasing India’s deepening expertise in a space mission.

The happy hour entertainment section featured a ventriloquist act by Vighnesh Pandey and Javed Khan of the Great Indian Laughter Challenge Champion, providing some entertainment amidst the serious discussions.

The India Tech Talent League 2023’s inaugural event in Hyderabad laid the foundation for discussions on how AI and Automation are shaping the future of talent management, employability, and education. With a focus on bringing together academia, industry, and institutions, ITTL aims to bridge the gap between these sectors and facilitate a collaborative approach to tackle the challenges and opportunities presented by AI and Automation. The upcoming events in Bangalore, Pune, and Delhi promise to further enrich this vital conversation, setting the stage for a future where technology and talent work hand in hand.

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