Stalwart Lifesciences launches ‘Warstone Combi’ – a 100% painless and trusted Ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones


‘Warstone Combi’ – a 100% painless and trusted Ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones

India, November 23, 2022: With an objective to provide result-oriented solution for kidney stones, Stalwart Lifesciences has come up with a fully Ayurvedic solution for the kidney-stone ailment through its medicine ‘Warstone’. The leading pharmaceutical company was conceived to provide affordable medicine to the masses through allopathy in their initial years of operation. However, in a major move around five years back, the company embarked its journey in the Ayurveda industry.

Kidney stones are basically solid masses of tiny crystals which are composed of substances like calcium, oxalate, cysteine, struvite, or uric acid. These stones can cause mild to severe pain as they exit the body through the urinary tract. But the question here arises, is there any painless and affordable treatment available for removing Kidney stones?

Highlighting the innovative solution, General Manager-Marketing, Mr. Anubhav says, “The answer lies in our age-old Indian school of medicine—Ayurveda.” Building upon the available knowledge and research, the founder of Stalwart Lifesciences, Mr. Arvind, with more than 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, has come up with Warstone Combi-a 100% polyherbal ayurvedic formulation that is composed of 20 exclusive/unique ingredients to combat the problem of kidney stones by dissolving and breaking stones.”

Due to various lifestyle habits like poor diet, sedentary routine, less fluid intake, medical conditions like thyroid and obesity, intake of supplements and medications, etc., the problem of kidney stones arises.

Research indicates that one in ten individuals suffers from one or the other form of kidney stone in their lifetime, with a 50% chance of recurrence after treatment.

Such is the efficacy of the medicine that it is receiving appreciation from patients and doctors. Hundreds of doctors have reposed immense trust in medicine. The medicine is extensively used in leading hospitals.

Senior Sales Manager, Mr. Saurabh says, “Doctors are so satisfied with the results of Warstone that they have testified it in writing, which includes an Ayurvedic medical officer from the Directorate of AYUSH, Chandigarh, and another is from the then HOD of Dhanwantry hospital, who himself is a surgeon and has done many kidney stone surgeries.”

The company operates with a vision of ultimate customer satisfaction and with the idea of getting patients rid of kidney stones at an affordable cost. Our correspondent interacted with one patient from Chennai, who has had a recurrent problem of kidney stones for the past 7 years. The patient reached out to the sales team of Warstone just 6 months after his surgery at a leading hospital in the year 2021. His ultrasound report at the time showed several stones in his kidneys. As suggested by the Warstone team, he continued with the medicine as he could see the stones getting out through urine. In 1.5 years, he claims to have passed 32-34, and the recent report shows no stone in the kidney, which is an incredible feat.

In the past, we ensured product availability through the traditional network of pharmacies. But now, to ensure all-India availability, we have started selling on our website ( and other e-commerce platforms. In this way, we have been able to reach patients in every corner of the country, “added the company GM.

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