Business Mint awarded Seema Thomas as the Most Prominent Women Creative Marketer – 2022


‘Dream, believe, lead, repeat.”

May 14: Meet Seema who has paved her way, proved her mettle, and crushed the stereotype to claim her position.

It takes great creative guts to build high-impact, original communications for technology brands that stand out, and Seema has consistently done so across her work experience. Throughout her career, she has challenged the traditional female creative stereotype by executing business-transforming projects for top IT multi-national brands.

An authentic and inclusive leader, Seema is true to herself and a fresh gush of inspiration for others. She has over 16 years of B2B tech marketing experience working with global cross-functional teams in the area of marketing communications, branding, and sales support. An agile and result-oriented marketer with experience in providing corporate marketing solutions to diverse clients globally, she has not only earned the respect of her superiors to rise as a business leader but has also earned the admiration of her peers.

Seema is a visionary with a disruptor mindset who can adapt to the ever-changing market demands. Creating new is a thing; it’s quite another to scale the innovation from concept to reality; with evidence of success across channels.

Seema joined LTI in 2017 and started as the head of the global Customer Experience team. Her team functions in a shared-service model that owns creatives, content, social media, and client visit experience for the brand. Her work involves collaborating with the brand’s internal & external teams, as well as its vendors across the globe. She worked for some of the biggest IT brands like Infosys, Wipro, and Capgemini before joining LTI. Her career compasses big-hitting brand projects to create unmatched customer experiences that help win deals.

She has also been responsible for running the social media platforms.

Her team has helped LTI position itself on the leading edge of digital and social media right from community management to content. Her personal dedication to her ideals concerning customer experience is second to none.

Seema is a strategic thinker, an imagination, and an art enthusiast who loves to brandish her paintbrush encounters as #MeAndMeraki on her social pages.

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