Indigo Girls Eknoor Malhotra & Eireen Malhotra with stupendous Psychic Ability!


March 1: Meet 5-year-old Eireen Malhotra and 12-years old Eknoor Malhotra, girls who have learnt and mastered the art and science of reading tarot cards as well as have predicted successfully for a few people with their tarot cards and strong intuition power. The fact that they are the daughters of India’s leading psychic, clairvoyant, tarot card reader, numerologist and holistic healer Dr.Taara Malhotra does not undermine their gift and commitment to exponentially multiply this gift by learning new techniques and spiritual modalities.

In a world where children are afraid of bad dreams and ghosts, these girls are like a whiff of fresh air; they are highly sensitive and open to psychic and spiritual experiences. Interestingly, Eireen was just four years old when she started paying attention to her mother’s tarot card deck and now she can use it like a pro and has predicted for a few friends & family members. She’s also very strong in her intuition powers and can pick a lie when it is served to her. The elder one, Eknoor started learning tarot card reading from her mother and uses it not just for her friends but also with strangers who are amazed to see a girl with such sharp clairvoyance abilities. Her understanding of universal principles is so amazing! Speaking about the girls, Dr. Taara Malhotra says, “The children are naturally gifted with psychic perception. If parents are enthusiastic enough they can enhance their child’s energies, creativity, intuition, problem-solving skills and give them the confidence to understand the universal language of symbols and signs. I have invested a lot of passion and given my daughters my time and I am happy to see them growing up with psychic awareness.”

Girls like Eireen and Eknoor are called indigo children because they are deeply spiritual and born with the gift of psychic senses. When asked would they like to follow the path of their mother, the little one says that she would do what God wants her to do in life. Those are some wise words coming from a five-year-old girl. We might soon see them as India’s youngest clairvoyants or psychic coach. Wishing them all the best in life!