Ruchir Gupta – Creating an Impact through his Stock Market Timing Techniques & Forecasting in the Trading World


Ruchir Gupta receiving International Fame Award from Mr Sonu Sood

February 10: Young and passionate, Ruchir Gupta has been related to the Stock Markets for over 16 years now. He is an MBA graduate with a specialization in Finance. He started his career as a Research Analyst for prominent MNCs and later on moved towards Stock Market Research. Although an excellent professional, over time, he realized that his typical 9 to 5 job is not giving him enough space and time to conduct personal level research to gain an improved mindset.

With that thought, he quit his job and entered the training profession in the year 2014. He had a spark in his heart that he wanted to utilize and bring about a transformation in the Trading World. He followed that instinct and established an entity under the name ‘Ruchir Gupta Training Academy.’

While most Traders focus just on price, he began to emphasize Market Timing. With the use of his Market Timing Techniques, Ruchir has been consistently forecasting numerous stocks each month with high percentage returns. He is more knowledgeable than many other trainers. As a result of the feedback, he discovered that his Methods create immediate Returns and Profits. While improving the Method over the Period his Students Learning Journey got shortened from one month to one or lesser. Financial Market Traders even said that they could not have made such a large profit utilizing any other Trading or Technical Trading Courses available on the market.


Awarded “Best Stock Market Trading and Investing Online Course Provider” by International Fame Awards by International Fame Awards (Received from Mr Sonu Sood)

Awarded “Best Stock Market Course Provider in India” by National Achievers Awards (Received from Hina Khan)


Ruchir’s Methods are equally effective for both trading and investing. Both trading and investing aim to make money in the stock market, but they go about it in different ways. He guides the traders to leap in and out of equities in Months, weeks, days, and even minutes in the hopes of making quick money. In this case, he frequently concentrates on the Direction and Entry Timing along with technical aspects of a stock rather than the strategic and long prospects as traders are interested in knowing which way the stock will go next and how they might profit from it. His Gann Cycle Decoder Method can help to make swift returns not only in delivery based Trading and Investing but also in Stock Options, Expiry Options, Nifty, Bank Nifty, MCX Commodities, Currencies. The method can be applied in any Script or Market Manually, However, to reduce the time of research he also provides Scanners for India, Currency and MCX, while he also has Global Presence with Scanners for NYSE (USA), Australia and Thailand Markets.

On the other hand, he also guides the investors efficiently to help them analyze the long-term returns. It will help the investor to think in terms of months and years and frequently hold equities through ups and downs in the marketplace. 


Ruchir’s methods are applicable not just to equities but also to currency (Forex) and commodity markets. His pupils come from all over the world, including some well-known nations such as the United States, Europe, Australia, and Thailand. He possesses high-end knowledge in a variety of asset classes.

What makes him a popular name?

To date, Ruchir has delivered about 1200 coaching hours to 30,000+ Students via his Webinars and Seminars and Course. He has Traders, Investors, Newbies who started, while Traders with experience of more than 40 Years, Time Crunched Professionals, Housewives Brokers, Analysts, Call Providers every kind of person with even even a slightest interest for markets gets associated with him. He has over 6000 happy and satisfied clients bringing in about 750 success stories, Join Telegram Group to get associated with Ruchir making him an outstanding guide and mentor in the world of trading and market. He conducts Free Webinar on Sundays and you can register for the upcoming webinar from this link in which you come to learn a lot more than any other paid courses out there.

Ruchir has definitely established himself as an authority on a number of the WD Gann Trading Methods, and he is now researching more. Ruchir admits that he really does not know all of the WD Gann Trading Methods, and he contests the notion that anyone can claim to know all of Gann’s secrets. He also gently adds that while there are many people teaching Gann, each person had their own experience and learned various things along the way. As a result, students should not evaluate educators primarily on Gann, but rather on the potential of the approaches that they will learn. He adds that his Gann Cycle Decoder (GCD) method is fairly simple that any one including a 8th Standard kid can understand, and this is what is important for him that even a layman is able to quickly learn the method without any complications and start getting results and earning profit quickly.

Recovering the Course fees is simple, but making Huge Profits such as 10 Lacks by multiple students is a big achievement and makes him proud of what he teaches.

GCD (Gann Cycle Decoder) Community Support

Ever since he came to the Trading World he saw that no matter what the size of the Trading industry is becoming, there is a lack of learning guidance and proper mentorship support, students buy the course , no matter from whom there is no community support as such and hence thinking that in mind he Established GCD Facebook Group and GCD Telegram Discussion Group, where students can interact and quickly learn.

Live Question and Answer Support

Adding the icing on the cake, he started giving weekly Question and Answer sessions to quickly help the students and Speed up their learning just after joining the course. Ruchir was right in his thinking and his students started getting the results even faster because of consistent guidance.

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