Lights, Camera, Hair & Makeup’: Meet Gujarat’s most popular Hair and Makeup Expert Harsha Modi


November 25: Do you know that the worldwide beauty industry generates $500 billion in annual sales and directly and indirectly employs millions of people. Gujarat has been producing talented artists for decades, from iconic actors, producers, weavers, stylists, and so on. One such hair and makeup expert with a whopping 20 years of experience from Gujarat is Ms. Harsha Modi. Harsha Modi is an international certified hair and makeup expert haled from Unjha city, Mehsana, Gujarat.

At the tender age of 20 years, Harsha started styling hair and doing makeup for her friends and neighbours by going to their homes to get them groomed for special occasions. That is where the journey of Harsha began. Slowly and steadily, she started her career and kick-started her beauty salon in Unjha, known as Vivah Beauty Salon & Academy.

Every makeup artist only dreams of making people’s life simpler. Harsha Modi is also a very promising hair and makeup expert. Along with her salon, she also runs an academy and classes where she teaches the art of hair and makeup to beauticians. She has taught groups of 50-60 beauticians in Mehsana, Mumbai, Chennai, and Pune so far. The methods and procedures she uses are taught over the course of 5-6 days.

With the experience of 20 years, Harsha Modi has earned her name in the industry. She is famous for her perfectly done makeup, hair cutting & styling and providing skin treatments. In the past, she has done makeup for renowned Gujarati singers like Bhoomi Trivedi and Kinjal Dave. Other than this, Harsha Modi had been invited to the event to showcase her work at Pune Expo 2021, held in September. At the Expo, she showcased her work and taught hair and makeup techniques to a bunch of beauticians who came from different parts of India.

For the glorious experience Harsha Modi has been carrying, she has been felicitated with a bunch of awards too. In June 2021, Harsha Modi received the title ‘Most popular hair and makeup expert’ at Asian Excellence Award 2021 by Actress Urvashi Rautela.

Harsha Modi says that ‘Behind all your stories is always your mother’s story because hers is where yours’ begin.’ Harsha is passing the legacy of her expertise to her daughters Niki and Dhara Modi. The two daughters of Harsha have also been doing great work in the hair and makeup industry. Niki Modi is known for doing ‘Blind Hairstyles’ too. Yes, your read it correct; she can do beautiful hairstyles with closed eyes. Such an amazing and talented family, isn’t it?

Reaching out to Harsha Modi is not hectical at all; anyone can approach her to for makeup, hairstyling, haircutting, skin treatment etc through social media too. So, what you are waiting for.

Vivah Beauty care – +91 78599 83568

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