The Journey of being ExtraordiNAARI


Follow your PASSION. It will lead you towards your PURPOSE. – Oprah Winfrey

November 08: I always believed that if I have the ability to light only one lamp, it will give light to everyone around me and can be used to light another lamp and then another one and then another one. This belief harvested the power of the ecosystem in me. I started creating the ecosystem I envisioned. Everything else happened with the guidance of the almighty, blessings of my parents, family, and friends. Sharing the Journey of the evolution of my vision with you.

The Beginning of Everything – Started with the blessings of my Mom

I am Smita Mahajan, I was born and brought up in a normal middle-class family, along with my two younger sisters. Everything was moving normally, though not perfect for all of us, until my mom fell ill one day. She was not well for almost 2 years, and we as a family were doing our best to bring her back to normal. They say that God gives some hints to us when our time to go to him comes. This is what exactly happened when I was in 8th grade. My mom called me and said,

“Whatever I am going to share with you, just register it in your brain now bcoz it will help you grow into a strong woman and a compassionate human”. Sharing those learnings from my mom with you:

  1. People can take away everything from you, your health, wealth, beauty, property, Everything, but one thing which remains with you forever is your knowledge, mindset, values. ‘aapse aapki kamayi hoyi VIDYA koi nahi cheen sakta’. Never leave your education for any reason. Complete the formal education till you want to and then think about marriage.
  2. Never trust a man blindly, be it your father, brother, best friend, husband, son, colleague, anyone. Believe in yourself and your abilities and be FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT always.”

So, friends, these 2 life lessons were always there with me as a memory, and she left us forever in a couple of days after this conversation. Without her, life was throwing all sorts of challenges on me, and I kept on moving ahead with these values, helping my sisters also to grow into good humans.

With all the googlies life threw on me, I managed to complete my formal education (Passed LESSON 1 from mom) and got a job in one of the best MNCs of Pune. Now married for 16 years and settled in Pune with my family. After 14 yrs of IT experience, I had to quit my job to bring my much-needed attention towards my daughter and family (failed in LESSON 2 from mom). I am not the first one to leave a job for my family. Statistics show that every second woman across the globe has to do this at least once in her lifetime. When I was staying at home and completely working as a homemaker, I realized that I was missing something in my life.

Instead of starting something only for myself, I shared a few ideas with my friends and here came the birth of PINK WARRIORS PVT LTD, my first start-up to support Women Entrepreneurs.

First Milestone in the Journey

Lesson 2 from my mom helped me build a Pvt Ltd Company with a beautiful vision of helping women grow personally and professionally through our platform.

Lesson 1 from my mom gave birth to ExtraordiNAARIWEdyalaya™, a Business Execution University for Women, to take that much-needed first step towards financial independence. Worked as an owner of startup company Pink Warriors Pvt Ltd for 3+ years and helped manifest many dreams under this umbrella.

The Guided Change

Every challenging time brings a new change in our lives to help us and our vision evolve into a better version than before. With the break of the global pandemic, this evolution phase came for us and our vision too. We gratefully accepted this change and became bigger and better in our work with a new identity of VAMITA Ventures Pvt Ltd.

The name VAMITA is a beautiful combination of everyone near and dear to my heart who has inspired/helped me to create this vision. The literal meaning of the word VAMITA comes from our Vedas, as the name of MaaParvati, consort of Lord Shiva, the Mother of our Universe. Her creative and nurturing energy was a perfect balance to the protective and transformational energy of Lord Shiva. The combination of these energies gave birth to the Universe. We are manifesting the same creative positive and transformational balanced energy of SHIVA-SHAKTI for every professional and student to nurture their idea so that it can transform into a flourishing business through our below platforms;

  1. Our education platform ExtraordiNAARIWEdyalaya™
  2. Our eCommerce platform RozanaMiTrra

We are manifesting these creative and nurturing energies from MaaParvati and Lord Shiva in our different verticals to create a sustainable ecosystem.

By the definition of an organization registered in ROC, VAMITA Ventures Pvt Ltd is playing the role of a conglomerate to achieve commercial excellence with social objectives through multiple platforms strategically designed to help society? One can see VAMITA as a trustworthy friend for her business (ExtraordiNAARIWEdyalaya™) and daily household needs (RozanaMiTrra). VAMITA is revolutionizing the concept of entrepreneurship and education with its uniquely designed verticals by identifying the real challenges and addressing the main pain points in entrepreneurship. To know more about our powerful ecosystem, do visit

ExtraordiNAARI Education – As a stepping Stone to Professional Excellence

Life lesson 1 from my Mom mentioned above gave birth to WEdyalaya™ in 2019, and Mother Nature helped us evolve WEdyalaya™ as an Edu-tech platform with the break of this global pandemic. (

The name ‘ExtraordiNAARIWEdyalaya™’ has a deep-rooted emotional meaning. ExtraordiNAARI shows our dedication towards our vision to make every woman enrolled in our ecosystem be extraordinary and #atmanirbhar in entrepreneurship so that she doesn’t need any support or no one can fool her in the entrepreneurial journey due to her lack of knowledge.

The branding of WEdyalaya™ is very thoughtfully and optimistically designed by me. The WE in WEdyalaya™ stands for the power of the ecosystem. As an abbreviation, WE stand for ‘Women Entrepreneurs’.

Our Vision here is to represent the power and strength of all the like-minded Women Entrepreneurs coming together to bring the most-awaited and desired change in society.

WE together are working on this VISION through our 3 E’s EDUCATE-EMPOWER-EVOLVE.

EDUCATE- Education is the most important aspect of the success of an individual. The power to learn, unlearn and relearn makes one educated in a real sense.

EMPOWER – The WEdyalaya way of education- Learn, Unlearn and Relearn, along with experience-based knowledge, brings the true empowerment

EVOLVE – The practical knowledge empowers us to accept and embrace the change within us. These changes bring a positive evolution for every #WEdyalaya Participant if she decides to be a learner for life.

WEdyalaya™ has 11 life and business verticals addressing every walk of life, starting from a much-needed practical education for students to a caring and nurturing batch for the senior citizens of our society. WEdyalaya™ is a Non-Equity Business Execution Partner for all home-based / SME Businesses. Our vision is to empower every woman to work and be #atmanirbhar while being in her comfort zone. We bridge the gap between the Conventional Entrepreneur Mentorship Program and the New Age Mentorship Program as a much-needed change to create an evolving enterprise. WEdyalaya™ inspires our participants to challenge their old restricted mindset and take the journey to evolve as a better individuals by Learning to Unlearn old methods so that they can Re-learn new ways to upgrade their knowledge and skill set. To know become a part of our learning community as a participant or Guru

RozanaMiTrra – Second Step to Personal and Professional Prosperity

Life lesson 2  from my Mom mentioned above gave birth to RozanaMiTrra in 2021, and Mother Nature helped us evolve RozanaMiTrra as an eCommerce platform during the current global pandemic. The break of the pandemic showed the flaws in the connectivity of farmers and local business owners to the end-user. I took up this challenge and decided to bridge the wide gap with the help of a strong ecosystem and robust technology support provided on a click-through RozanaMiTrra.

By the definition of the concept of RozanaMiTrra, RozanaMiTTra is an eCommerce website that will connect you directly with the end-users in your locality, who are searching for quality products at the right price manufactured/ grown locally. The vision behind creating this platform is to create a friendly interface for the farmers / local business owners to apply their lessons learned from WEdyalaya™ and grow their business. I have created a platform to provide support to bring strength to the Local Farmers and Women-owned businesses. To know become a part of our eCommerce selling community as a consumer or merchant

The Conclusion

As a trainer, motivational speaker, and life and business coach, I have touched 8000+ lives of women in these 3.7 years, and I aim to help local businesses of India, coming from women, reach the Global Market. I am very inspired by the life lessons and work of Mr. Ratan Tata. As he quoted once ‘Don’t try to make the right decision, take the decision and make it right, I strongly believe in this and have always followed it in my life. Whenever I have taken a decision, I stood by it and enjoyed both the fruits of success and the lessons of life.

All of us need some motivation to keep on moving forward when we face tough times. As Jim Rohn once said, ‘If you want to achieve something in your life, you must define a WHY. The stronger your WHY is, the more motivated you will be to achieve your goals. My two strongest WHYs are:-

  1. My loved ones around me – I am blessed with a very supportive and loving family. People in my inner circle are the ones who encourage me to push my limits, work on myself and achieve my goals
  2. My Vision – My motivation to face every challenge in my life and keep on moving forward is the vision to create a robust platform for every woman. The power of this Vision makes me forget all the pain and be victorious over every challenge I face

The journey, which started with life lessons from my Mom in her last breath, took the shape of this larger-than-life Vision. I am blessed that the Almighty has chosen me as an initiator of this revolutionizing change in the mindset of the people and to create a sustainable ecosystem for entrepreneurs. As it is Almighty’s plan he connected me with the right people at the right time and guided them to pay their contribution to this journey. During this whole process, I gained good people and precious experiences, which made me stronger and more dedicated to achieving my envisioned future for everyone. I thank Tarupreet Kaur Hanspal for being a very important part of this journey and my life. A special thanks to my beloved daughter Advika for always being the source of inspiration and happiness in my life.