Rotary District 3141 to Undertake 2000 Paediatric Heart Surgeries on Underprivileged Children during 2021-22

Press Release

Maharashtra Cabinet Minister Shri Jayant Patil seen with DG RajendraAggarwal, Rotarians & Dignitaries at SRCC Hospital on 24th August 2021.

 29 Children from Sangli Brought By Cabinet Minister Jayant Patil Undergoing Surgery at SRCC Hospital, Mumbai

Mumbai, September 7: Rotary District 3141 has planned a mega project of 2000paediatricheart surgery on underprivileged children during the Rotary Year 2021 – 22, under the leadership of District Governor (DG) Rajendra Aggarwal.

DG Rajendra Agarwal and his core team took the initiative to meet Shri Jayant Patil, Maharashtra Cabinet Minister of Water Resources Dept. to appraise him about the good work Rotary is undertaking to save the lives of underprivileged children who suffer from heart ailments.

Upon request of the DG Rajendra Aggarwal, Shri Jayant Patil brought in 29 children from Sangli requiring heart surgeries, who were admitted at SRCC Hospital, Worli Mumbai. On 24th August 2021, Maharashtra Cabinet Minister ShriJayant Patil visited SRCC Hospital, Worli, and DG Rajendra Aggarwal, Rotarians & dignitaries. He met the children and parents who were in SRCC Hospital. It is heartening to report that 22 surgeries have been successfully completed and children discharged with their happy parents thanking Rotary Dist. 3141 for the exemplary services and their contribution to the welfare of the community.

The heart surgery expenses have been met with by Rotary Global Grants of RC Nariman Point, Mahim, Cuffe Parade, Bombay North, Bay View, Bombay etc. The Rotary Clubs’ total cost and support from other resources come to approximately Rs 3 lakhs per surgery. Rotary Dist. 3141 is engaged in paediatric heart surgeries with a significant determination & very organized set-up to reach the target of 2000 surgeries in the current rotary year.

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