Jeevesh Sabharwal Announces Old Age Homes Expansion Across Delhi


New Delhi (India), January 8: In the bustling realm of real estate development in India, Jeevesh Sabharwal, the Managing Director of Shivam Group, stands out not only for his exemplary contributions to the architectural landscape but also for his commendable efforts in social welfare. Beyond the towering structures and iconic projects that have become synonymous with the Shivam Group, Jeevesh Sabharwal is making a significant impact by addressing a pressing societal need – care for the elderly.

As a trusted figure in the real estate industry, Jeevesh Sabharwal’s reputation is built on pillars of quality construction, timely project delivery, and a distinct design sensibility. Under his dynamic and visionary leadership, the Shivam Group has elevated itself to greater heights, developing architectural marvels across Delhi NCR and the entire country. However, Jeevesh’s commitment to building a better world goes beyond the realm of concrete and steel.

In a notable move that reflects his compassionate side, Jeevesh Sabharwal has undertaken the initiative to establish old-age homes in various locations, starting with Gulmohar Park. Gulmohar Park’s newly finished geriatric care facility is poised to host 200 residents, offering cutting-edge amenities at no charge for senior citizens. This venture is a testament to Jeevesh’s dedication to creating not just physical spaces but also nurturing environments that cater to the well-being of the elderly.

The construction of a five-storeyed geriatric care building in Gulmohar Park has been completed, with final touches being given to ensure a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Jeevesh Sabharwal envisions extending this noble initiative to Punjabi Bagh, Paschim Vihar, Chhatarpur, GK, and Delhi Cant, aiming to create multiple havens for the elderly living destitute lives. The goal is clear – to offer a peaceful and inconvenience-free life to elderly individuals who lack support and familial care.

The eligibility criteria for residents include destitute men and women above 60 years, bona fide residents of India without any support, and free from infectious or communicable diseases. Jeevesh Sabharwal emphasizes the importance of providing cutting-edge facilities, free of cost, to senior citizens, recognizing the need to ensure their well-being and dignity in their twilight years.

In an interview, Jeevesh Sabharwal shared, “Though we do not want anyone to feel the need to shift to an old-age residence, as the place cannot provide the sense of belonging and safety found at home, those who are forced to should receive all the homelike facilities.” This sentiment underscores his commitment to creating a compassionate and caring society that extends support to its elderly members.

Beyond the realm of geriatric care, Jeevesh Sabharwal has extended his philanthropic efforts to adopt three municipal corporation schools and support girls’ education. Additionally, he is actively involved in the establishment of community hospitals, further showcasing his holistic approach to social responsibility. Jeevesh Sabharwal cites Shri Ratan Tata as his idol and draws inspiration from Tata’s path of combining business success with meaningful contributions to society.

Notably, Shivam Group, under Jeevesh Sabharwal’s leadership, has achieved a remarkable milestone by clocking a total revenue of 1206 crore in the last financial year. What’s even more impressive is the ambitious goal to double this figure in the running financial year, a testament to the robust growth and strategic vision of the real estate company.

In conclusion, Jeevesh Sabharwal’s foray into geriatric care and his commitment to social welfare projects exemplify the transformative power of visionary leadership. As a prominent real estate developer, he is not only shaping skylines but also leaving an indelible mark on the social fabric by providing a haven for the elderly. In a world where progress is often measured in economic terms, Jeevesh Sabharwal stands as a beacon, reminding us that true societal advancement lies in the compassionate care of its most vulnerable members.

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