Beyond Bestsellers: The Authoritative Top 10 Writers of 2023


New Delhi (India), December 26: Embark on a literary journey with the Reader’s Choice top 10 authors of 2023, a carefully curated list presented by Mumbai-based Grisu Media Arts, Gora Foundation, and the Kindness Practice Foundation. This diverse selection showcases the literary prowess of these authors, spanning genres and themes. From transformative guides to romance and enthralling psychological thrillers to versatile storytelling across genres, these authors promise an enriching reading experience. Let this list guide you through the captivating narratives that have captured the hearts of readers this year.

1. Rachna Chhachhi

Renowned Nutrition, Yoga, and Mental Health Therapist Rachna Chhachhi redirected her focus after battling Rheumatoid Arthritis and healing herself in 2009. Having completed her Nutritional Therapy at Oxford College, UK, and Cancer Metastasis at Johns Hopkins USA, Rachna practices in 27 countries and oversees the non-profit awards, The Restore Awards. Endorsed by the United Nations for her non-profit work, she shares her expertise through “ALIVE! Lifestyle Changes to Age-Proof Your Mind and Body,” guiding you to beat diseases and stay youthful. Her four-step program prioritizes mind-body connection by eliminating toxins and embracing healing practices to achieve mind-body balance for a healthy lifestyle. In the post-COVID-19 era, Chhachhi’s book, a HarperCollins bestseller, serves as a comprehensive guide to slowing down aging, preventing diseases, and enhancing daily quality of life. Her work emphasizes the crucial role of an integrated approach to immune system strengthening, making “ALIVE!” a must-have in modern times.

 2. Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller “Think Like a Monk,” now delivers a transformative guide to romance, bridging ancient wisdom and contemporary science. In this revelatory journey through love’s stages, Shetty moves beyond ethereal concepts, providing actionable steps to cultivate and nurture profound connections. Dispelling romantic clichés, he shares practical insights on winning or losing together, defining love, and navigating breakups. Drawing from Vedic wisdom and modern science, Shetty guides readers through the entire relationship spectrum, offering tools to avoid false promises and unfulfilling partnerships. With his eight rules, Shetty empowers readers to love themselves, their partners, and the world, transcending previous boundaries for a more enriching life experience.

3. Sunil Sihaag

Sunil Sihaag, once an Air Force Soldier and now an author turned filmmaker and film producer, enthralls readers with his acclaimed novel, “Day Turns Dark.” Seamlessly blending his military background with literary prowess, Sihaag crafts a gripping narrative that explores the complexities of human resilience. The novel’s success catapulted it into a film adaptation, bringing Sihaag’s storytelling to the silver screen. Beyond his literary achievements, Sihaag is actively involved in public relations, leveraging his experiences to inspire and connect with audiences. His multifaceted journey, from the skies to the pages, showcases the transformative power of storytelling, earning him recognition as a distinguished author and advocate for resilience. His debut web series, ‘A Day Turns Daark,’ is streaming now on MX PLAYER, further showcases his storytelling prowess.

4. Aditya Nighhot

Tagged for Life, a book by bestselling author Aditya Nighhot has to definitely be on your bucket list. With the perfect blend of emotions and Aditya’s unique writing style makes you fall for the characters and their innocence, wanting you come back for more. Aditya’s best work till date, the book is a perfect dose of romance that is fictional and yet so realistic and practical, thanks to Nighhot’s apt writing style. National bestselling author of four books, a doctor (MD Radiology) by profession, screenwriter, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and a social media influencer, Mr. Nighhot as always has delivered his best. The characters are relatable and the heart wrenches for each of them.  From winning the ‘Best Romance Book of the Year’ award to having sold over 75,000 copies of his books, Aditya is proving to be the new-age romance author. This book deserves all the love and is a must for every bookshelf.  

5. Dr. Preethi Amaresh

Dr. Preethi Amaresh is a Political Scientist and a former Doctoral Scholar from Geneva, Switzerland and an author of four books including the recent book on “Soft power of India”. She has currently two books in her kitty, to be published in 2024 and 2025.  Dr. Amaresh has also written several articles and research papers that have received appreciation. She has been often quoted in news articles and books in the United States, India and other countries. She recently represented “India” at a global summit held in the New York City and was felicitated by the Commissioner of International Affairs (Mayor’s office, New York). Dr. Amaresh will continue with her post-doctorate in the near future and is all excited to pursue her further research work in International relations and Artificial Intelligence.

6. Capt Kunal Narayan Uniyal

Capt Kunal Narayan Uniyal is an enterprising Co-Founder of Integrated Maritime Exchange, India’s first Intelligent platform for commercial shipping operations, alongwith Vikas Gadoo. With a first-class MSc in Maritime Law from Cardiff Business School and 20 years of experience, including roles at the Baltic Exchange in London, Kunal’s expertise spans ship brokerage, vessel operations, and maritime arbitration. He founded IMBA, a college dedicated to commercial shipping, and authored numerous books and research papers on Maritime Trade and Law. A celebrated writer and poet with 15 books across 7 languages, Kunal has garnered accolades globally. Honoured as the “Most Distinguished Edupreneur of the Year 2022,” his contributions shine in India’s maritime and educational landscapes.

7. Anagha Ratish

At just fourteen, Anagha Ratish is a prodigious author, unveiling her literary talent with the publication of her debut book, “Celestia Chronicles: Fire and Water,” at the age of twelve. This fast-paced middle-grade fantasy, followed by the second installment last year, has garnered widespread acclaim from esteemed reviewers and publications. Beyond her enchanting trilogy, Anagha has ventured into poetry with “A World of Intricacies,” exploring profound themes with simple yet profound language. Actively participating in literary events and author meets, Anagha is currently crafting the third part of Celestia Chronicles and a standalone fantasy, marking her as a rising literary sensation with a promising future.

8. Shaheen Kazi

 Shaheen Kazi’s literary journey is truly unique! She has woven a tapestry of diverse themes and genres that highlight her incredible storytelling talent, and each thread represents a unique facet of her creativity. She is a versatile Indian author known for her works in children’s literature, horror, romance, poetry, and erotica. She exhibits her versatility through books like ’13 Nights of Tricks’, ‘Age Was Just a Number’, and her latest release, ‘Booboo & Cuckoo’. Shaheen Kazi is a talented author with nine books and two anthology contributions. Her dedication to the craft is an inspiration to aspiring writers everywhere. Take a break from romantic novels and pick up this trilogy in your hand.

‘Sizzling With… She 2 She’ promises to twist the heat. It explores the world through the eyes of women who are not restricted by the boundaries of gender and social constructs. Read their stories in their voice, feel their feelings within you, enjoy their sexual encounters, and understand their friendliness in their style. Enjoy everything you want to read the way you want to read it.

You will discover shades in this new romance collection and shimmering lesbians in Vol. 2.

9. Girish Dutt Shukla

 Girish Dutt Shukla, a former computer engineer turned writer, has crafted a new psychological thriller, ‘Cold Blooded Love.’ This novel takes readers on an intense journey through the complexities of human emotions, exploring themes of love, betrayal, and redemption. Centered around Ziva, a character haunted by a traumatic past and dark secrets, the book delves deep into the labyrinth of human psychology. Shukla’s storytelling prowess is evident as he weaves a suspenseful narrative filled with twists, turning an introspective mirror on the nature of trust and self-discovery. Following his successful debut, ‘Maroon in a Sky of Blue,’ Shukla continues to explore psychological themes, promising an enthralling read.

10. Vatsal Piyush Shah

“Rebirth of Strength by Vatsal Piyush Shah is an inspiring tale of triumph, delving into his transformative journey from battling obesity at 140kg to organizing TED Talks with CEOs. The book’s honesty shines in detailing the mental and physical challenges, emphasizing overcoming internal struggles in the pivotal chapter ‘Conquering the Mind.’ Beyond weight loss, it serves as a guide for life’s challenges, offering insights on habit formation and valuable takeaways. Shah’s commitment extends to public service, evident in his work with the Access Life Foundation and motivational sessions. Recommended for self-discovery, the book has sold over 1000 copies, raising $15,000 for healthcare and local organizations. Let Shah’s wisdom guide your transformation journey, starting with this acclaimed book.”

In conclusion, the Reader’s Choice top 10 authors of 2023, meticulously curated by Grisu Media Arts, Gora Foundation, and the Kindness Practice Foundation, offer a rich tapestry of literary experiences. From transformative guides to thrilling narratives, these authors have left an indelible mark on the literary landscape, capturing readers’ hearts and imaginations.

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