Qartelz Launches “Ohari Chanakya”: A Landmark in Kerala’s Economic Annals


Kochi (Kerala) [India], December 22: Qartelz India Pvt Ltd unveiled “Ohari Chanakya”, a landmark publication poised to revolutionize financial education in Kerala. Authored by Mr. Shemeem S, CEO of Qartelz, the book was launched on December 17th at Le Méridien in a prestigious ceremony attended by industry leaders, financial experts, and prominent guests.

During the ceremony, Mr. Abu Raj, Director of SIET (State Institute of Educational Technology), Government of Kerala, received the inaugural copy of the book from Mr. Rahul IRS, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in business consultancy. “Ohari Chanakya” achieves historic significance as the first comprehensive tome on Elliott Wave Theory, Advanced Wave Theory, and Dow Theory, presented in a regional language. The book adeptly distils intricate financial concepts into easily comprehensible Malayalam, utilizing stories and numerous Indian examples. As such, “Ohari Chanakya” is poised to serve as an exceptional educational resource for the wider populace, including children, elucidating finance and financial markets from the fundamentals of the stock market to the advanced intricacies of Elliott Wave Theory.

Mr. Shemeem S, a seasoned Financial Analyst with over 15 years of experience across stock, forex, and commodity markets, brings his expertise and passion for financial markets to life in “Ohari Chanakya.” His prior banking experience as a Core Banker, Credit Analyst, and Treasury Dealer, coupled with his leadership as Chief Financial Officer of a leading FinTech firm, provide him with a rich understanding of the financial landscape. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Shemeem S left his corporate career at 29 to embark on a mission to empower others through financial knowledge. Mr. Shemeem S has pursued his entrepreneurial dreams with the aim of creating numerous job opportunities for young Indians. Having authored three books, including “Ohari Chanakya,” “Stock Markets Beginners Guide to Financial Freedom,” and “Stock Matters,” his journey and accomplishments stand as an inspiring testament to navigating the complexities of the financial world.

The event also celebrated Qartelz’s remarkable growth and contributions to the stock market. Notably, Mr. Shemeem S and Ms. Henna Abdul Azeez, MD of Qartelz, unveiled a groundbreaking financial research model developed by a team of experts. Their collaboration as a Financial Researcher and a Data Scientist has yielded the model predicting market movements with a remarkable level of accuracy. This innovative tool demonstrates Qartelz’s dedication to developing cutting-edge solutions

that predict market movements with high accuracy. Their vision extends beyond individual success, aiming to create a society empowered by financial literacy and stability, where anyone can make informed financial decisions regardless of their background.

The founders of Qartelz India Pvt Ltd also expounded on their forthcoming book, “Forensic Analysis of Financial Statements and Data Visualization,” co- authored by Mr. Shemeem S and Ms. Henna Abdul Azeez. This comprehensive volume delves into the tools and techniques for scientifically analyzing financial statements, grounded in the Indian context through a case study-based approach. The second section of the book explores the utilization of technology, particularly data visualization, to enhance comprehension. The book, slated for launch in India in the third week of January, seamlessly combines financial knowledge with technological prowess to facilitate improved data representation and interpretation for analysts.

Further underscoring Qartelz’s commitment to fostering financial creativity, Dr. P K Baby and renowned film director Robin Tirumala introduced Qartelz’s exclusive newsletter, “The Sixth Sense.” Their enthusiastic endorsements highlight the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of the financial sector and revolutionizing the industry through innovative methods.

The ceremony also witnessed the launch of Qartelz’s new websites by Mr. Swaminathan Krishnamurthy, Head of Strategy at ESAF Bank. He commended Mr. Shemeem S and Ms. Henna for their invaluable insights and unwavering dedication. Mr. Sreejith, a veteran in core banking, digital lending, and treasury, further emphasized the potential impact of Qartelz’s initiatives on the financial world. The event concluded with well wishes from Mr. Salaam, a visionary businessman and entrepreneur, who expressed his confidence in Qartelz’s mission to move the nation forward.

With its trailblazing approach to financial education and unwavering commitment to innovation, “Ohari Chanakya” marks a turning point in Kerala’s financial landscape. Qartelz’s dedication to empowering individuals and transforming the industry through technology and creativity positions them as a driving force in shaping a future of financial inclusivity and prosperity.

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