Greeshma Nataraj’s Odyssey with GNCC: A Journey of Passion and Purpose:


New Delhi (India), November 21: Every person has an underlying passion that is just waiting to be discovered—a passion that has the power to completely transform lives. Greeshma Nataraj also driven by a desire to instigate societal change she brought this vision to life through the creation of GNCC (Greeshma Nataraj Counselling Café). 

She is an IHA Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and award-winning psychotherapist, her mission is to change people’s lives. She created GNCC, which is more than just a building; it’s a place where people find their passions, get over challenges, and go on empowering and self-discovery journeys. 

Greeshma Nataraj is a trailblazer in the counselling field, bringing GNCC to life with her sincere dedication to help people grow personally and achieve well-being.

Mission and Vision: A Lighthouse for Transformation

Greeshma Nataraj’s visionary objective to instil in the next generation the priceless skills of meaningful relationships and emotional intelligence is at the core of the GNCC. 

The visionary story of GNCC, which addresses societal emotional and social issues by promoting mental health services, harmoniously integrates with this objective. Additionally, GNCC assisting in a future in which emotional health is just as important as scholastic achievement by challenging social norms. Greeshma is creating a world where the strength of relationships and emotional resilience is central to the story of personal and social satisfaction via her dedication to this life-changing adventure

GNCC energizes the field of mental health and wellness services which not only offer services, but it also serves as a haven for people battling mental health issues, creating a supportive and consoling environment.

A Healing Presence of Greeshma Nataraj’s GNCC:

Greeshma Nataraj is an essential part of her clients’ lives and goes beyond the role of a psychotherapist. Her competence goes beyond typical counselling, with a focus on life coaching, psychotherapy, psychology counselling, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Inner Child Healing, Past Life Regression, Age Regression, Grand Master Healer in Lama Fera, Motivational Speaking, Naturopathy, and Tarot Reading. Her healing influence acts like a gentle breeze, sowing seeds of good development. Her transforming presence has altered lives. Her method is more than just therapeutic; it’s a spiritual salve that comforts and fosters a sense of healing that fills the air with comfort like a comforting breeze.

Dispelling the Stereotypes

Greeshma takes on the persisting stigma associated with mental health head-on, tackling societal concerns head-on. She fights for change by pointing out how common it is to minimize mental health issues as normal parts of daily living and stressing the value of getting help from a professional. 

Greeshma is a living example of shattering deeply held beliefs and a source of hope in the continuous effort to change attitudes toward mental health. Her story represents a profound shift in perspective, dispelling myths that impede advancement in this crucial area and encouraging others to recognize the importance of mental health and the advantages of getting professional help.

Greeshma Nataraj’s Incredible Journey from Aspirations to Glory

In the field of mental health advocacy, Dr. Greeshma Nataraj excels as a transformative force. She has received many Awards, such as the National Achiever Award for Mental Health Services and the Rashtriya Gaurav Ratan Award, which are significant indications of her enduring dedication and meaningful services. Her contribution to encouraging positive change on a global scale is acknowledged by the Global Women Achievers Award, which transcends national boundaries.
Dr. Greeshma Nataraj’s holistic approach is embodied in her position as the “Best Counselling Center and Tarot Card Reading,” which highlights her commitment to a variety of therapeutic approaches. Her entrepreneurial zeal and status as a Change Maker of 2021 and recipient of the Great Companies Women Entrepreneur Award place her at the forefront of societal development, altering attitudes on mental health.  In the realm of entrepreneurship and societal transformation, she received the Title of a “Change Maker 2021,” a designation that recognized her influential contribution to the development of modern attitudes around mental health during the pandemic ( COVID19). The honors bestowed upon Dr. Greeshma Nataraj go beyond mere recognition; they serve as emblems of her steadfast commitment to mental health advocacy and her influence on both people and communities, establishing her as a genuine trailblazer in the area. 

These honours serve as potent symbols of Dr. Greeshma Nataraj’s commitment to supporting mental health patients and her significant impact on both individual and community life. 

Every client is a precious thread in Greeshma Nataraj’s life story, every session is a stroke, and GNCC is the masterpiece that emerges as an effective place to help people and the enormous influence one person can have on the field of mental health and well-being. The tale goes on as GNCC rewrites the history to portray a society that is happier and healthier.

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