India will see Preventive Healthcare boom, just like US – says Yuvaap


Mr. Ashish Batra, the Co-Founder of Yuvaap, a holistic health and wellness platform

New Delhi (India), November 20: In today’s fast-paced world, prioritising our health and wellness has become paramount. It encompasses not only physical well-being but also mental and emotional health. Embracing preventive care practices, such as regular exercise, meditation, and a wholesome diet, can pave the way for a healthier, happier future.

In this pursuit, digital platforms like Yuvaap have emerged as instrumental tools, offering a wealth of resources and guidance to help individuals take charge of their health. In a compelling interview, Mr. Ashish Batra, the Co-Founder of Yuvaap, a holistic health and wellness platform, shares insights into the platform’s role in India’s forthcoming preventive healthcare boom, mirroring the trend witnessed in the United States.

Question 1: What motivated you to create Yuvaap, and how do they contribute to preventive healthcare?

Answer: We founded Yuvaap because we believe that proactive and preventive healthcare is the foundation of a healthier society. Yuvaap offers a range of wellness content, from yoga and meditation to diet and nutrition, fostering a preventive healthcare approach. It provides users with the tools, resources, and guidance to adopt healthier lifestyles and make informed choices that prevent health issues before they occur.

Question 2: Could you share some key features of Yuvaap that make it stand out in the market for health and wellness?

Answer: Absolutely, and I am glad that you asked! Our platform stands out for several reasons. It is based on six wellness pillars, including yoga, gym workouts, meditation, diet and nutrition, eco-friendly living, and Vedanta philosophy. So, we’ve got the bases covered. Additionally, the Yuvaap YouTube channel and the Yuvaap Kitchen YouTube channel extend these features by providing engaging video content that educates, inspires and gives easy to do recipes for people to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Question 3: How does Yuvaap address specific preventive healthcare goals like stress reduction, disease reversal, and longevity?

Answer: Yuvaap is tailored to address these specific goals comprehensively. On our YouTube channel, you will find several videos on meditation and yoga routines, as well as content on stress management and mental health. We also have Yuvaap music, where you can relieve stress and get health benefits through soothing Hindustani and Carnatic Raga music, along with a variety of affirmations. To support disease reversal, we offer evidence-based nutritional guidance and resources for adopting healthier eating habits. We provide a range of online yoga courses tailored to individuals managing conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc. And for longevity, we focus on a well-rounded approach that includes fitness, healthy eating, yoga, meditation, understanding Vedanta philosophy, and living without chemicals.

Question 4: How do you ensure the quality and credibility of the information and resources available on Yuvaap?

Answer: Well, we are all about providing reliable and evidence-based content. Our content includes experts in various fields, from nutritionists to yoga instructors, who curate and create content. Additionally, we regularly update our information to reflect the latest scientific research findings. The same quality standards apply to the content featured on the Yuvaap YouTube channel. We even have a live talk show, The RCC Show, which has celebrated its successful one-year anniversary recently. In this live talk show, we engage with experts from diverse fields, including mental health, weight management, meditation, disease reversal, nutrition, and parenting. It is like your VIP pass to ask your queries directly from the experts.

We also understand the significance of instilling solid values in children. With this in mind, we introduced Yuvaap Kids, where we create engaging stories that foster the fundamental values and morals essential for children’s character development.

Question 5: Could you share some success stories or user testimonials that showcase the positive impact of Yuvaap, on preventive healthcare?

Answer: Oh, we’ve got some impressive transformation stories! Recently, we concluded a highly successful month-long weight-loss program. It was simple stuff— just minor dietary tweaks and yoga. But it worked like magic. Most people who participated in the program were dealing with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and various other ailments. We had one standout: a 14-year-old shared his success story, highlighting the significant improvement in his stamina. Prior to joining our weight-loss program, he was always lethargic and lacked stamina. However, after participating, he experienced remarkable gains in stamina and also shed inches. Another participant reported substantial progress in managing her diabetes and a speedy recovery from her frozen shoulder. These testimonials underscore the clear effectiveness of our programs.

And guess what? We also offer highly effective gym programs. Some participants have even successfully lost as much as 14 kg in just three months by following our programs which is huge if you look at it. You can visit Yuvaap Gym to catch a glimpse of these transformative fitness programs.

Question 6: What plans do you have for the future of Yuvaap?

Answer: Well, we’re all about growth and improvement. We plan to broaden our horizons not only in health and fitness but also in beauty enhancement. We are actively exploring DIY and sustainable skincare products. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive approach to beauty, wellness, and health enhancement. I wish I could see what the future holds for us but our long-term vision is to become the premier platform for individuals seeking holistic solutions in preventive healthcare, beauty, and overall well-being. Additionally, on our social media platforms, we intend to create more engaging and informative video content, reach a wider global audience, and promote holistic wellness.

India is on the cusp of a transformative shift towards preventive healthcare, and Yuvaap as a platform is poised to be a key driver of this change, mirroring the success seen in the United States. By empowering individuals to embrace a proactive approach to health and well-being, Yuvaap is revolutionizing the way India approaches healthcare and preventive wellness.

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