Being Exporter’s Boot Camp 3.0 instills new belief in aspiring exporters


Goa (India), November 10: Being Exporter, a leading platform for export guidance and support, recently hosted the highly successful Boot Camp 3.0 in Goa, bringing together aspiring and experienced exporters from across the nation and beyond.

Boot Camp 3.0 was a unique opportunity for a diverse group of 128 participants to connect, collaborate, and gain invaluable insights into the world of export. The main focus of the national meet, organized at Park Regis, a 5-star property in North Goa, was to chart a clear roadmap for successful export ventures with tools like effective goal setting, production finalization, buyer identification, sales planning, banking and funding avenues, and other aspects of export business.

The participants had the opportunity to engage with seasoned exporters, who started from scratch and are now reaping handsome profits of 20, 30 and even 50%, by putting into practice the various things they learned during Being Exporter events.

The participants were impressed to learn that some of the exporters are successfully sending materials with advance payments, demonstrating the potential of the export business. They were also surprised to learn that some of the exporters are running successful export businesses without any large investments by simply tying up with manufacturers. Sharing experiences and discussing strategies with seasoned exporters instilled newfound confidence and belief in the participants.

Bhagirath Goswami, Founder of Being Exporter, along with accomplished exporters, guided the participants during the boot camp. The self-made exporters also spoke about their own journeys and the lessons they had learnt, imparting invaluable knowledge to the participants.

Mr Goswami said, “The core objective of Boot Camp 3.0 is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the export business and promote networking among exporters. We also incorporated meditation exercises, grounding sessions, and fun activities to encourage creativity and alleviate stress. The participants were very happy with the practical learnings they received during the camp and shared how the event had helped them expand their goals and horizons. This is exactly the objective of Being Exporter. We want to contribute to the nation’s growth by shifting people’s paradigms and equipping them with the knowledge and support necessary for success.”

Boot Camp 3.0 saw exporters revealing stories of the success they had achieved by participating in earlier boot camps and other activities organised by Being Exporter. The Goa boot camp left participants with a deeper understanding of the export business and the determination to succeed.

Being Exporter organised its first boot camp in Daman in February, Boot Camp 2.0 in Mumbai in June, and a national meet in Surat in August, before the Goa boot camp.