At its Delhi Premier, ‘MANDALI’ Promises to Preserve Ramayana’s Traditions


New Delhi (India), October 28: Delhi recently played host to the premier of movie MANDALI. Produced by Reltic Pictures, MANDALI is attempting to challenge the recent trend of obscenity, and immorality that have been plaguing the depiction of Ramayana in modern cinematic pieces. The movie challenges the obscenity and immorality with which the Ramayana is regrettably depicted in contemporary cinema, says the lead actor.

MANDALI delves deep into the life of Purshottam Chaubey, affectionately known as Puru, who hails from the heartland of Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. The story unfolds as Puru and his cousin, Sitaram Chaubey, embark on a journey to portray Lord Laxman and Lord Ram in their most authentic and pure forms. The movie intricately follows Puru’s life as he confronts a multitude of challenges while striving to uphold the sanctity of Ramleela. 

On the sidelines of its Delhi premier, the lead actor of MANDALI, portraying the tenacious Puru, shared his thoughts on the film’s significance, saying, “I am immensely proud to be part of ‘MANDALI.’ This film is not only about reimagining a timeless story but also about preserving the cultural essence and purity of our traditions. It reminds us of the importance of upholding values and righteousness, and serves as a powerful vehicle to challenge the obscenity and immorality with which the Ramayana is regrettably depicted in modern cinema.”

MANDALI promises an inspirational, and immersive cinematic experience that delves into the core of human determination and the eternal struggle between good and evil. It is a tribute to the spirit of tradition, reminding us of the significance of cultural values and the enduring power of righteousness. The film underscores the significance of protecting cultural values and traditions, while simultaneously challenging any attempts to undermine or mock faith.

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