Minister Gadkari to Attend GRC 2023: A Conference Advancing Sustainable Road Techs


New Delhi (India), October 24: The Global Road Construction Conference (GRC) is set to return for its third edition on November 8th and 9th, 2023, at the prestigious Leela Ambience in Gurugram, Delhi NCR. This internationally renowned event, jointly organized by the Bitumen India Forum, CSIR-CRRI, and Rex Fuels, promises to be a pivotal gathering for the road construction sector. The esteemed Chief Guest for this landmark event is none other than the Honorable Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Shri Nitin Gadkari.

Shri Nitin Gadkari, renowned for his candid expressions and commitment to infrastructure development, recently criticized highway consultants and contractors for their reluctance to embrace the latest technologies. His assertion, which resonates with many in the industry, underscores the pressing need for the adoption of innovative technologies in road construction.

Conventional construction methods have grappled with a range of challenges over the years. These issues include the excessive use of natural resources, high construction costs, rapid depletion of valuable resources, insufficient durability, subpar road quality, prolonged transportation of construction materials, and excessive environmental pollution. These challenges underscore the necessity for a paradigm shift towards the adoption of new and sustainable technologies in the road construction sector.

The Global Road Conference (GRC) serves as a vital platform that bridges innovation with industry. This renowned event attracts key stakeholders in India’s road construction sector, including road construction companies, construction material suppliers, bitumen suppliers, construction equipment providers, and academia, represented by esteemed institutions such as IITs, and policymakers. The event garners support and active participation from leading organizations like CSIR-CRRI, EODB, IRF-IC, NHAI, NHBF, World Bank, CERA, various IITs, and prominent construction companies such as L&T, Cube Highways, OSE, Dilip Buildcon, GR Infra, Ashoka Buildcon, and major oil companies, including Shell, IOC, Toral, Ooms, Bitcol, Agarwal Group. Additionally, it attracts builders, concessionaires, contractors, traders, and consultants.

This year’s theme for GRC 2023, “Revolutionizing Road Construction with New Technologies and Sustainable Materials – A Trajectory to a Sustainable Future,” aptly encapsulates the forward-thinking spirit of the industry. The event anticipates hosting over 500 delegates, exhibitors, and sponsors from more than 20 countries. The conference is set to bring together concessionaires, contractors, refineries, buyers, traders, logistics players, and consultants for engaging discussions, business development opportunities, and networking within the Road Construction sector.

The conference agenda encompasses a wide array of topics, including discussions on sustainable and cost-effective innovative new construction materials, equipment, techniques, mix designs, tech-driven DRP preparations, and project monitoring employing advanced technologies such as drones, AI, IoT, and digital twins.

A notable point of discussion will be the recent policy concerning the use of imported bitumen in Indian road construction. India’s increased infrastructure investment has corresponded with a rising demand for bitumen, which the event aims to address in light of stagnant domestic bitumen production.

In an era marked by heightened infrastructure development, the road construction sector must wholeheartedly embrace innovative technologies to elevate the quality and cost-efficiency of infrastructure projects. The Global Road Construction Conference (GRC) presents an exceptional opportunity for businesses, whether they intend to participate as delegates, exhibitors, or sponsors, to forge valuable connections, develop business prospects, and enhance their brand’s presence in the realms of Road Construction, Construction Equipment, Project Management, and Bitumen.

The Case for Innovation in Road Construction

Shri Nitin Gadkari’s call for the adoption of innovative technologies in road construction resonates with the fundamental need for change within the industry. Conventional methods, while time-tested, often come with a host of limitations that impede progress, sustainability, and efficiency.

  • Excessive Use of Natural Resources: Conventional road construction methods involve significant natural resource utilization, including aggregates, water, and energy. These processes exert substantial stress on the environment.
  • Higher Construction Costs: Traditional construction methods often entail labor-intensive practices, resulting in higher overall construction costs. These expenses, in turn, impact the budgets of road development projects.
  • Rapid Depletion of Natural Resources: With the world’s natural resources under threat from overexploitation, it is crucial to explore sustainable construction methods that reduce resource consumption.
  • Insufficient Durability: Roads constructed using conventional methods may lack the durability required to withstand various environmental and traffic-related challenges, leading to frequent maintenance and repair.
  • Poor Riding Quality: The quality of road surfaces is a key determinant of road user comfort and safety. Conventional methods may yield roads with uneven surfaces and subpar riding quality.
  • Long Hauls of Construction Material: Traditional construction processes often necessitate the transportation of materials over extended distances, leading to increased logistics costs and environmental pollution.
  • Excessive Pollution: The use of outdated technologies and construction methods can result in excessive pollution, including air and noise pollution, adversely affecting the environment and public health.

To address these challenges, the road construction sector is in dire need of a transformative shift towards innovative and sustainable technologies. This transition is vital not only for the efficiency and sustainability of construction projects but also for the preservation of our natural resources and the well-being of road users and the wider community.

The Role of GRC in Advancing Road Construction

The Global Road Conference (GRC) stands at the forefront of the road construction industry, inspiring innovation, sustainability, and progress. As we embark on GRC 2023, the aim is clear: to revolutionize road construction, promote sustainable materials, and lead the way toward a brighter and more efficient future for the transportation sector in India and beyond.

The Global Road Construction Conference: A Platform for Transformation

GRC serves as an indispensable platform that unites various stakeholders from across the road construction spectrum, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the exploration of innovative solutions. This event has consistently played a pivotal role in shaping the direction of the road construction sector in India and has garnered recognition on a global scale.

Over the years, GRC has achieved the following:

1. Knowledge Exchange: GRC has been instrumental in facilitating knowledge exchange among experts, researchers, policymakers, and industry leaders. This exchange has led to a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by the sector and the potential solutions offered by innovative technologies.

2. Networking Opportunities: The conference offers a unique forum for networking and collaboration among different stakeholders in the industry. This has paved the way for partnerships, joint ventures, and collaborative projects that have significantly influenced the landscape of road construction in India.

3. Promotion of Best Practices: GRC has consistently highlighted and promoted best practices in road construction, including sustainable materials, construction techniques, and technologies. By recognizing and disseminating these best practices, the conference has been a catalyst for improvement and change within the sector.

4. Policy Influence: The insights and recommendations generated through GRC have contributed to policy discussions and decisions at both the national and state levels. The conference has had a significant impact on the development of regulations and standards related to road construction.

For those interested in participation, registration and additional information can be found at GRC Conferences Registration.

GRC 2023 is organized by Rex Conferences, a distinguished consultant in the Bitumen, Oil & Gas, and Road Construction sector, with operations spanning India and the Middle-East region. The Rex Group is well-regarded for its role in fostering consensus among industry stakeholders and actively shaping the future of these vital industries.

We invite you to join us at the Leela Ambience, Gurugram, Delhi NCR, and become a part of this premier event. Collaborate with industry experts and contribute to the rapidly developing market.

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The Global Road Construction Conference (GRC) stands at the forefront of the road construction industry, inspiring innovation, sustainability, and progress. As we embark on GRC 2023, the aim is clear: to revolutionize road construction, promote sustainable materials, and lead the way toward a brighter and more efficient future for the transportation sector in India and beyond.

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