Welcome to “Reverse Diabetes Now: The Proven 365 Day Technique!”


June 15: Reverse Diabetes Now is a culmination of science and real-life statistics designed:

  1. To create awareness about one’s actual health condition.
  2. To provide a proven system to understand and exercise healthy living.
  3. To partner with the reader for accountability.
  4. Give hope, inspiration, and courage to people who have felt distressed and alone with Diabetes.

The book is both an educational resource and an interactive workbook at the same time that offers tools, methods, and examples on how to create a lifestyle towards reversing pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes focusing on sleep, stress management, nutrition, and exercise. It is essential to know that just because Diabetes runs in the family or you are pre-diabetic or have type 2 diabetes, it is not inevitable to have it and keep it. However, there is hope for reversing symptoms and disease. By following the program in this book, it is possible to live with the freedom to do all the things you want without living with health restrictions due to Diabetes, save costs from medications and doctor visits and decrease the risks of developing more health conditions with Diabetes. Ultimately, the goal is to live a long and fulfilled life and feel better than you could imagine.

When I was younger, I would hear family members speak about having “sugar,” but I was not sure what they meant. Throughout the years, my family lost limbs, vision, and even their lives from complications related to “sugar,” which I later found out was Diabetes. When I was in college, I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and was hospitalized from complications. I was told I would have to watch my blood sugar because I had a chance of developing type 2 diabetes as I got older. Not too long ago, I became very ill and was diagnosed with multiple inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. I was in excruciating pain daily and had limited mobility. I was taking over 20 medications a day and having weekly doctor appointments. I was determined to control the diseases and not let them control me, and I got tired of feeling sick and afraid that I would die from them. I used my research skills and knowledge as a pharmacist for over 30 years and certifications in transformational health and life coaching to help me develop a program that gave me my life back. Because of my passion for the type 2 diabetic community, I decided to use this same program to reverse type 2 diabetes and other lifestyle-related illnesses.

If you are sick and tired of the pain, medical costs, doctor visits, sleepless nights, and anxiety over type 2 diabetes, and you are ready to level up and make a change, this book is for you. You can feel better, look better, and be the best healthy version of yourself.

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